4010 Floor Topping

4010 Floor Topping

Application thickness 1 - 30mm


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4010 Floor Topping

4010 Floor topping is a single component, cementitious, self levelling floor topping product for residential and commercial applications.

Used predominantly for re-levelling floor areas prior to covering, Maxit 4010 can be applied at thickness range 0 - 10mm in a single application and can be walked on after only 4 hours!

Hand application is possible for smaller areas up to 20m2 but for larger areas machine application is recommended.

  • Great for levelling existing concrete floors

  • Strong and abrasion resistant

  • Must be covered by floor covering

Save Time

EZYMIX Floor toppings can be installed quickly and dry quickly.  In most cases the floor toppings are applied in less than a day and can take foot traffic within 24 hours of installing.

This allows all of the other trades to get back onto your job and keep progress rolling.

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Machine application

EZYMIX supplies automated on-site mixing and pumping equipment to the contractor. Its important to us that our product is mixed and applied correctly to achieve the best finished results.

The DUOMIX 2000 pumping machine consistently introduces the exact percentage of water and perfect mixing time before pumping the Floor Screed through hoses to where it is needed.


  • Best product

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