Ezymix EM490 Anhydrite Floor Screed


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EZYMIX EM490 Self Levelling Anhydrate Screed

EM490 Self levelling Anhydrate Floor screed can be used as a construction medium over underfloor heating systems in residential and commercial applications.

Application thickness 35mm – 100mm

Can receive foot traffic after 24 hours

Applied using pumping machinery and are self-levelling in nature

Installation of 490 Floor Screed - Wellington East Girls college New Zealand 2018

EM490 Floor Screed Installation Video -2015 

EM490 Floor Screed Installation Video -2018

 Machine application

EZYMIX supplies automated on-site mixing and pumping equipment to the contractor. Its important to us that our product is mixed and applied correctly to achieve the best finished results.

The DUOMIX 2000 pumping machine consistently introduces the exact percentage of water and perfect mixing time before pumping the Floor Screed through hoses to where it is needed.


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